Viney, W., Day, S., Bruton, J., Gleason, K., Ion, C., Nazir, S.

Sociology of Health & Illness, 2022

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Using interview and observational data from a busy and research- intensive breast cancer service in the United Kingdom, we discuss recent developments in personal-ised medicine. Specifically, we show how clinical and research practices meet in clinical pathways that are reconfigured in response to changing approaches of diagnosing, monitoring, treating and understanding cancers. Clinical pathways are increasingly sensitive to changes in evidence deduced through new technolo-gies and therapies as well as decisions based on inten-sive, iterative analysis of data collected across a range of platforms. We contribute to existing research by showing how the organisation of clinical pathways both maintains established clinical practices and responds to new research evidence, managing a threshold between evidence- based and experimental medicine. Finally, we invite comparisons with other forms of personalisation to understand how they depend on the ‘real time’ collection, analysis and application of data.


Breast cancer, clinical pathways, personalisation, personalised medicine, translational research

Viney, W., Day, S., Bruton, J., Gleason, K., Ion, C., Nazir, S., & Ward, H. Personalising clinical pathways in a London breast cancer service. Sociology of Health & Illness. 2022; 44: 624–640.