Lury, C.

in M. Biagiolo and M. Sunder (eds) Academic Brands: Distinction in Global Higher Education, 2022

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Personalization is the branding choice of the day. In a world of nearly endless choices, brands want to make consumers feel like their product is uniquely for them, and universities are no exception to this marketing ploy. The rise of individualization and a saturated marketplace have led to the “personalized generic” brand, where you are both “one of a kind” and “a kind of one.” For example, many universities in the UK began using the term “MyUniversity” as part of their educational platform, which doubles as a branding tool. The rise of this branding technique is partly due to increasingly consumer-specific data tracking and collection systems coupled with the wise-use of linguistic shifter language, such as “my.”  As the market continues to be inundated with more of the same, the competition to distinguish one from the rest of the pack will be crucial to universities. Their branding model focused on personalization may be what it takes to prevail.


Personalization, Customer Relations Management, platformization, datafication, education and generic.

Celia Lury ‘One of a Kind Like You: The University as a Personalized Generic’ in Academic Brands: Distinction in Global Higher Education, edited by M. Biagiolo and M. Sunder. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022.