Lury, C.

in M. Biagiolo and M. Sunder (eds) Academic Brands: Distinction in Global Higher Education, 2022

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The chapter describes the emergence of MyUniversity, which it describes as a personalized generic. MyUniversity is understood to be a response to the saturation of the HE sector with sameness, in which the need to be distinctive is propelled by rankings. As personalized generics, universities are able to generate value and difference from the ways in which students are identified as ‘one of a kind’ in conjunction with their own creation as ‘a kind of one’.


Personalization, Customer Relations Management, platformization, datafication, education and generic.

Celia Lury ‘”One of a kind”’: MyUniversity as a personalized generic’ in Academic Brands: Distinction in Global Higher Education, edited by M. Biagiolo and M. Sunder. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, in press.