Panel Event

5 November, 2018 11:00 – 12:30

Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Sophie Day

Genomics in the clinic: context, care and communication

The complexity of genomic information presents challenges for health care professionals, patients and their families as they make meaning from risk information and negotiate the future. Improving genetic literacy and the effective communication of information only partially addresses the contextual way in which people make sense of information and its relevance for their lives.

This session will draw together current social research in this area, as genomics enters the clinic, through trials as well as standard of care, in order to understand the ways in which genomic knowledge is taken up in different settings. The session will enable attendees to learn: How patients are engaging with genomic information as they confront this during their cancer journey How patients and health care professionals use this information within the range of decisions that are made during care How we can create approaches to communication and genomic literacy that are sensitive to the diverse contexts and needs of patients How social scientific research can enrich understanding of the practice of genomic medicine in relation to cancer.