Lecture Event

11 November, 2020 18:00 – 19:00

On Wednesday 11 November, we hosted the launch of Di Sherlock’s Written Portraits hosted by Sophie Day with Di Sherlock, and Kelly Gleason.

Di talked to people at Maggie’s West London and Charing Cross Hospital in London who are affected by, and working with, cancer. Her poetry practice involves writing a ‘portrait’ from these conversations. She then gives back a poem. The editing process goes to and fro between Di and the ‘sitter’ until they consider that the portrait is a likeness or resemblance that they also like. All the sitters agreed to share their poems more widely in this collection.

At the launch, we discussed Di’s practice, our wider project, and the experience of sitters. The video also includes the following readings from Written Portraits:

  • ‘Vital Conversation’ read by Clive Llewellyn
  • ‘Rewilding the Self’ from ‘The Art Class’  read by Lin Sagovsky
  • ‘The Three Musketeers’  read by Chris Barnes.
  • ‘Everyday Heroines’  read by Susan Aderin

Written Portraits is now available online, with audio and commentary.