The People Like You Project has launched a website for their ‘Algorithmic Identities’ project.


In collaboration with researchers from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Algorithmic Identities aims to contribute to the social studies of data and algorithms using a ‘prototype’ recommendation app called ‘Big Sister.’


The aim of our project is to investigate how these algorithmic systems work and how they are understood by everyday users in Chile and the United Kingdom, where we’re based. What are recommendation systems? How do they work? How do they shape our online experiences? How do people feel about them? What does it feel like when they get us right? Or when they get us wrong?


We’re looking for participants who will use Big Sister for two weeks and allow us to interview them about the experience. We want to explore how people feel about their data being collected and used to make algorithmic recommendations and predictions. If you’re interested in getting involved, take a look at our call for participation here: