Figure to Ground: Dialogic Portraits, a series by Felicity Allen

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Figure to Ground – a Site Losing its System shown here

As part of the ‘People Like You’ research project Felicity Allen was offered a residency in which to develop a new series in her Dialogic Portraits work, to consider with her sitters questions of traditional representation (such as portraiture) and ideas of the self associated with digital culture. She produced a series of portraits, shown here in Rooms, and made audio recordings with the sitters, both of which form the basis for her 12-minute film, Figure to Ground – a site losing its system.

Portrait sitters:

  • Rashid Adam
  • Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski
  • Stanley Allen
  • Jemima Brown
  • Ayaan Bulale
  • Janice Cheddie
  • Abi Cooper
  • Luke Eastop
  • Jason Evans
  • Yael Gerson
  • Raga Gibreel
  • Althea Greenan
  • John Hall
  • Ollie Harrop
  • David Herd
  • Huang Jing-Yuan
  • Fiona Johnstone
  • Sue Jones
  • Sophia Lee
  • Zoe Lee
  • Lunatraktors (Clair le Couteur, Carli Jefferson)
  • Antoine Marinot
  • Ruth Novaczek
  • Amarnah Osajivbe-Amuludun
  • Betsy Porritt
  • Kamsan Sivakumar
  • Salih Osman
  • Simon Smith
  • Dan Scott
  • Trish Scott
  • Gerrie van Noord
  • Will Viney

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