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Imperial College London

Understanding Personalisation and Data Practices: Interviews with researchers and data scientists

Rozlyn Redd
Helen Ward

Paying particular attention to the ways in which individuals are tracked, categorised and contextualised, this project investigates how data are collected, managed, interrogated and utilised in science research and translational medicine more broadly, as well as how these processes have been impacted by Covid-19. Over the past 20 years, data used in healthcare research has shifted in terms of what types of data are harnessed for analysis, what processes are captured, the granularity of these data captures, and through the capturing of temporality, in part by means of data linkage. For this interview study we recruited researchers for semi-structured interviews where they discussed all facets of data processes as they relate to personalising processes including: informatics, data processing, analysis, de-identification, methods and application in research and clinical settings.