Study Logistics Manager

The study logistics manager oversees the smooth operation of the entire screening and data collection process within Airwave. This includes coordinating the logistics for everything from the participant’s initial screening invitation to the actual screening in the clinic. For them, since the participant-facing part of the Airwave system is so people-focused, having good interpersonal skills is vital to getting their job done.

The study logistics manager also said that in large studies like these participants can be described as a ‘resource’ and become numbers. For them, however, participants are not a ‘resource,’ but vibrant, multifaceted people, and treating the participants with empathy is important. This focus on empathy and rapport ensures that the participants have a positive experience when taking part in the study, which will make them more likely to engage with future studies.

This is the only artwork where the usually grey point cloud representing the participants is instead multicoloured. This is to represent the Study logistics manager’s perception of the participants as vibrant and more than a resource, more than numbers. As the study logistics manager is often in contact with participants within the clinic, the visual motif of conversational data points that are not collected by the study bouncing away is used here as well.