Clinic Logistics Manager

The clinic logistic manager supports the study logistics manager within the study clinic. They ensure that the setup of clinics in new locations across the country is efficient and effective. They will visit clinic sites and train nurses according to the study protocol and – through audits and rescreens – ensure that the data and biosamples are being collected in a consistent way. 

From their perspective, participants are always referred to as ‘the cohort’, even if when working in the clinic they may have built rapport with some of the individual participants they have met. By ensuring a clinic is running smoothly, they are always working towards one goal: to achieve a certain number of participants in the cohort (or at this later stage of the study, aiming to re-screen a specific percentage of original participants for a second time). 

In order to distill the insights of this interview into an artwork, I chose to depict the process of data collection in the clinic and the data’s transfer to the cohort, slowly reaching a ‘goal line’ of re-screens that the Clinic Logistics Manager is always working towards. Using similar iconography to represent the study clinic as other artworks, uncollected data points acquired from rapport with participants (the manager will sometimes meet the participants face-to-face) are represented as bouncing particles that aren’t formally collected.