Poem Credits

Several people have asked how they can buy the book, Written Portraits. As the Wellcome Trust has supported our work, we are providing links for donations to Maggie’s Cancer Centres, and to the Imperial Health Charity, if you would like to make a contribution.

The images in Written Portraits are subject to copyright and we should like to thank the individuals and organisations listed below for permission to use these images. We should also like to thank the actors who recorded the poems under the challenging conditions of the first lockdown of 2020.

On First Visiting Maggie’s West

  • Read by Di Sherlock
  • Maggie’s West © Anne Heslop

In the Picture

  • Read by Harmage Singh Kalirai
  • Malcolm © Maggie’s Centres
  • Malcolm with Celebratory 70 and HRH at Spencer House © Dan Charity, The Sun

Per Ardua ad Astra

  • Read by Di Sherlock and Susan Aderin
  • Lagoon Nebula © Max Whitby
  • Cross © Suzanne Steer
  • Venus, the Morning Star © Max Whitby
  • Milky Way © Max Whitby
  • Witch Head Nebula © Max Whitby

An Occasional Inconvenience

  • Read by David Kelly
  • Drinks Cabinet © Paul Craig

Howling Wolf

  • Read by Lin Sagovsky

Holding the Sky

  • Read by Lloyd Hutchinson
  • Architectural Drawings © Marc Conaghan

Fragments and Curve Balls

  • Read by Lin Sagovsky
  • Clip2Comic © Emma Robertson

The Three Musketeers

  • Read by Chris Barnes
  • Beaky © Dave
  • Ray’s Gloves © Anne Heslop
  • Dave’s Colouring Book © Anne Heslop

The Art Class

  • Read by Lin Sagovsky and Flaminia Cinque
  • Turquoise by Julie Parish, photograph © Anne Heslop
  • Loved to Bits by Cathy McLoughlin © Cathy McLoughlin
  • Apple and Brush © Anne Heslop
  • Paintworks © Maggie’s Centres
  • Inside Out © Anne Heslop
  • Group Painting © Maggie’s Centres
  • Pineapple by Julie Parish, photograph © Anne Heslop
  • Trevi Fountain by Lin Sagovsky, photograph © Anne Heslop

Knights of The Oblong Table

  • Read by Chris Barnes, Siobhán Nicholas, David Kelly, Rafael Peñas Cruz
  • Badges © Anne Heslop
  • Railings © Anne Heslop
  • Fingerprints © Anne Heslop
  • Biscuits and Cake © Anne Heslop

The Hospital Tree

  • Read by Harmage Singh Kalirai
  • Charing Cross Hospital © Anne Heslop
  • Koi Fish © Anne Heslop
  • Hospital Clock © Anne Heslop

Magic Words

  • Read by Flaminia Cinque
  • Holly © Holly Tilson

Vital Conversation

  • Read by Clive Llewellyn
  • Lucas Car factory © Lucas Memories
  • Beehive © Mark Openshaw

Everyday Heroines

  • Read by Susan Aderin
  • Hand and Lamp © Anne Heslop

More Than One Life

  • Read by Flaminia Cinque
  • Ice Machine © Luca Magnani

White Rose

  • Read by Flaminia Cinque
  • White Rose © Judie Tweedie

The Art of Medicine

  • Read by Chris Barnes
  • A Summer Evening at The Chelsea Arts Club © Raoul Coombes

French Connection

  • Read by Siobhán Nicholas

Woman of Heart

  • Read by Siobhán Nicholas
  • Trophies © Clare Tynan
  • Clare’s Cats © Clare Tynan

At the Bottom of the Pyramid

  • Read by Lin Sagovsky
  • Molly’s Feet © Molly Gray
  • Sea and Sky © Sanela Andrijac
  • Philippine Sun © Jessica Lin

The Possibility of Joy

  • Read by Flaminia Cinque and Yael Gerson
  • Wild Funghi © Sarah Gillott